2014 Ford Focus Hatchback review

2014 Ford Focus comes in two different models. They are a traditional sedan model and a hatchback model.

The Review of 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback
In my 2014 Ford Focus hatchback review, I will share you Damaraji‘s opinion and the general specifications of the new generation of Ford Focus.

Ford Focus hatchback gets classy designed exterior. The exterior looks modern and more stylish, compared to the predecessor.

Besides, the Focus hatchback gets wider cargo space which is so much versatile. There are some improvements I find in the exterior of 2014 Focus hatchback.

This car gets new designed headlights, lifted face, and reshaped body especially the rear body. To emphasize the fun driving concept, Ford adds some new but fun exterior color scheme.

Considering that, I really agree that the exterior of 2014 Ford Focus hatchback is very attractive and adorable.

When I take a look at the interior, I find there are some interesting things. The all-new Ford Focus hatchback comes with classy cabin developed with high quality materials. The interior design is also interesting, which is better than before.

However, there is one thing which makes me a bit disappointed about this car. I find that the rear seats get a little shorter legroom. It is quite uncomfortable for the passengers especially during a long trip.

Aside from that, there are some new features I can see inside the cabin. They are Bluetooth connectivity, voice command-based music player, MyFord Touch apps, 4.2-inch display, and AM/FM radio.

The Specifications of 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback
2014 Ford Focus hatchback is a compact car which can accommodate 5 people at the maximum. This 5-door vehicle is available in two different trim levels.

They are SE and Titanium. Those different trim levels actually determine the additional features which are embedded in this front-wheel-drive car, including the Dynamic Cornering Control which is used to control the brake inside the front wheel automatically to reduce under-steer.

Obviously, both SE and Titanium levels get the same engine option. It is 2.0-liter direct-injection 4-cylinder engine. Working with 6-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, this engine can develop 160 horsepower and 146lb-ft of torque.

As an option, a 5-speed manual gearbox is also available. As a matter of fact, if I am insisted to choose between the 6-speed automatic transmission and the 5-speed manual transmission, I will choose the manual one.

It is because I find that the 6-speed automatic gearbox gets a bit quirky response. But, honestly, I really like the 2.0-liter engine due to the fuel economy. In my opinion, this direct-injection engine is so much economical. It is because the mpg rating is about 27/38.

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