Pajero Sport Start After Fortuner

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In the medium SUV segment, the spotlight of course is fixed on the battle of two models of Toyota Fortuner and Pajero Sport. Although throughout the nine months both experienced negative results, but the more suffering Fortuner, or minus 16.95 percent.

While Pajero Sport only slumped 2.78 percent. But in total, Fortuner still occupy the top position with a total acquisition of 17,771 units, and followed in second position Pajero as many as 13,826 units.

If the Fortuner wholesales chart reads volatile, SUV made by Mitsubishi instead experienced an upward trend especially in the third quarter of this year. Even in the ninth month, his reach exceeded his arch-enemy Fortuner.

This is the second time in this year’s Pajero following Fortuner, where the first occurred in March. At that time, the difference was only 110 units, whereas in September 2017 Mitsubishi widened the gap of excellence to 171 units (can be seen on the chart).all new toyota fortuner 2018

Irwan Kuncoro, Director of Sales & Marketing Division of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) said the positive trend of Pajero Sport and began to catch up with competitors, mainly due to product and sales strategy.

“Actually from the side of Pajero itself, we issued a model CKD with the increase in specifications. We are also successful with the first limited edition, and the second also has enough positive results. So the product itself is more acceptable to consumers, “said Irwan, Saturday (4/11/2017).

The next question is, whether this positive achievement can be consistently obtained until the end of the year? Irwan still does not want to be too optimistic. Himself mentions, if it still has to see how the condition of competitors.

“But of course it is a factor of competitors. We do not know whether the volume is down or stagnant, but the volume of Pajero itself continues to increase, “said Irwan. Please Visit:

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