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Love in the Wild TV show

Love in the Wild

This summer NBC will present its viewers with a new romantic premiere – Love in the Wild TV show, which was announced to be premiered on June 1, 2011. For this once we’ll have a chance to see 10 single women and 10 single men in an attempt to find their love in the distant jungles, full of unpredictable and breathtaking adventures such as kayaking down the rivers full of crocodiles, passing through bat-inhabited caves, and hanging on the rope 200 feet above the forest floor. In each episode the participants of this ‘adventure dating series’ will be paired up to compete for the main prize – night in the luxurious five-star “Oasis” bungalow. Then all the couples will gather together to decide whether they want to stay with a current partner or try to build relationship with someone else. At the end of each episode two singles are eliminated and sent home, in order to leave just one winning couple at the end of the Love in the Wild TV show

Love in the Wild
Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild in Costa Rica

The contestants of the show will try to overcome all obstacles and find their love in Costa Rica, cause this is exactly the place where the reality show is set. It is no mere chance that the creators choose to organize Love in the Wild in Costa Rica, as this small yet picturesque country in Central America with its uninhabited jungles and rain forests is the perfect place for the romantic adventures prepared for the show’s participants. Moreover, Costa Rica has already been chosen as a locale for several reality shows including I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, and The Bachelor. Thereby, with Love in the Wild Costa Rica has yet another chance to prove its reputation of a place where lonely hearts can find their love and at the same time once again impress the viewers with its majestic sceneries.

Love in the Wild Cast

Love in the Wild cast consists of 20 single men in women in search of their true love. These young people have tried lots of ways to find a significant other – Internet dating, blind dating, speed dating, and other dating services – any all of these with no luck. So now they’re ready for a completely new kind of a romantic experience, absolutely different from everything they’ve endeavored before. Hurled into remote jungles, they’ll have to go through various ordeals competing for the main prize, and the winners will be rewarded lavishly. Love in the Wild cast wast chosen during long and complicated process, and now it’s time for these 20 lucky ones to show the world that they deserve their place in this show. read more