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Nantou Travel Guide

Nantou Facts

Chung Tai Museum

Area: at the focal point of Taiwan Island

Zone: 1,585 square miles (4,106 square kilometers)

Physical Features: Nantou, the main inland district on the island, is a land loaded with pleasant landscape. The highest points of the mountains are covered in fog while runs and groups peruse on the mountain feet. Looking from a separation, the lakes and mountains add brilliance and excellence to each other.

Best time to visit: You can come here whenever in light of the fact that the temperature is direct throughout the entire year yet the best season is from December to April. From December to February are when plums are in sprout, numerous exercises, for example, prune meals and plum season exhibitions are held in Sinyi. From December to March, tulips are sprouting in the district and from March to April, peonies will draw your consideration. Puri is possess large amounts of blooms, so the blossom fair is held here. We Suggest you to booking before best season is over. Click this site to get the best price.

Top Attractions – Things to Do

Nantou is substantial and purposes of intrigue are scattered all through various regions. On the off chance that you like social destinations, you will clearly discover a considerable measure of activities in Nantou, as well. A visit to the old Jiji Railway Station discloses to you separating stories of average folks and heavenly sanctuaries demonstrates you stunning Buddha statues and rinse your heart. In this manner, you are prescribed to begin your movement from these spots:

Beginning from Puri:

The delightful Sun Moon Lake, “Little Switzerland” Chingjing Farm, Mt. Hohuan where you can value the most alluring snowscape and ocean of mists, Chung Tai Chan Monastery, the strangest engineering on the island and Chung Tai Museum, well known for buddhism relics are altogether situated around Puri. To get to Puri, you can take the transport at Taipei Western Passenger Station or Gancheng Bus Stop close Taichung Railway Station. At that point you can take the nearby transport to these grand spots. read more