Maison Escalier Black And White House

Maison Escalier Black And White House is a house located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. This home design using system tree that has one main lines with branches as a virtual element. The System is intended to get sufficient air circulation while the jostling for position with home home.

The House is a dominant color to dark brown and white. The dark brown also selected for display from the outside that was applied to the steel wall relief on the outer walls of glass in all parts of the front of the House. From this part of the House gained a face as well as the lighting and ventilation of him permanently. Maison Escalier Black And White House divided this part so that it can be enjoyed by all the rooms in the front side. Division of it evenly, a touch of this section could be felt from space on entry, family room, and master bedroom.

The Interior of the House is a combination of dark brown color is obtained directly from the wood and white furnishings and walls for some of that support. For a refreshing ambiance Maison Escalier Black And White House wearing light green color in some parts of the House, such as on the Bookshelf in the reading room and living room. For family activities concentrated on the Middle floor contained space that serves as a reading room, dining table, and kitchen. Dining room table and read one lies in straight lines just with different floor levels.

While the kitchen is on the center between the two and on the lower level. With entry to go to the play aims to distinguish the kitchen space. However, in the kitchen has a window opens that is connected with permanent reading room and road traffic outside. With this kitchen design which makes use of this limited space does not become isolated kitchen ease access into the kitchen of spaces around it. To keep the temperature of the House Maison Escalier Black And White House presents some plants in space and on the desk top.

Desk roof House is the only place to enjoy free access to the outdoor air. Here homeowners put some chairs and make small gardens to accompany an outdoor space.

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