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New Toyota Yaris 2017

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The Toyota Yaris Cars, would have been impatient with the emergence of the latest yaris series that is toyota yaris 2017. At the end of 2016 this Toyota released the latest series of its flagship car series for the youth market segmentation or for lovers of stylish car styles that is yaris. Toyota Yaris is one type of car pride automaker origin sakura country. This car is targeting young people with a stylish design.

New Innovation Toyota Yaris 2017

One of the hallmarks of Toyota 2017 is still using hatchback line yaris series before. Toyota seems to always continue the sporty hatcback on the yaris series. Physically at a glance the 2017 yaris adopted the style of some other Toyota models. This design is clearly visible from the appearance of the front X shape using the model have all new aygo for 2017 but using a smaller size. Not only that yaris 2017 also has a trapezoidal air intake with led headlight. Views like this increasingly make the 2017 yaris more sporty.latest toyota yaris 2018

Toyota yaris 2017 specially designed so that it can move more agile. Toyota equip the front springs and rar suspesnsion on the solid hatcback. In addition 15-inch and 16-inch alloy wheels are also installed to dress the yaris 2017. The cabin is more captivating with the 7inchi berdispaly screen to add vibrant atmosphere in the cabin. The screen is mounted on the dashboar section of the center and use toyota infotainment touch that makes the atmosphere more fun.

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Interior yaris 2017 can be said not much different from its predecessors. In addition to the center console is made higher and the material trim satin chrome nothing changed from this latest yaris series. If you look at the kitchen toilota yaris 2017 to European specifications there are several variants of the three 1.0-liter cylinder with 69 hp maximum power and 95 nm for the top torque. Second, using four-cylinder 1.33 liter with maximum power 99 hp and 125 nm top torque. The third model uses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder diesel and a combined total power of up to 100 hp. Regarding the price in bandrol for yaris 2017 this party toyota still keep it a secret. The news is widely heard is the price tagrol will be announced at the grand laounching yarish 2017. read more