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Tips for minimalist modern type of housing

Minim of space is not make the people blocks the creativity in building the house. One type of housing which is suitable for the place that minim of space is minimalist. Maybe if just minimalist is not trendy, and then combine it with the modern style. The combinations of minimalist and modern type of housing are going to be great. But how to do that? Here are some tips about the combination type of housing minimalist and modern.

  • Use the white colors

The first thing is about use the white color. Why? Because the white color will makes the bigger impression. Even it was monotone, but the white color is holy. Choose the white color as the dominant. The thing that you have to remember that the white color is also can give the luxury or elegant impression.

  • Do not use too much decorations

As it is minim of space, mostly the room is open space. To make the rooms does not crowd, please do not put too much decorations. It is better to only use the single decorations. You can put the brave colors to the decorations to make it show off. One thing, against the huge decorations also.

  • The supporting colors

In choosing the supporting colors, it is freely based on what you like. If you have the concept, then follow the colors that match to the concept. But do not choose to much the supporting colors. At least 2 or 4 at maximum. Because if it is too much colors, then the sense of modern is will be disappear.

  • The furniture

For the furniture, choose the modern furniture. Do not use too big furniture because will use all the free space. So the key is minimalist but modern look. The furniture also should follow the supporting colors. The tips are choosing the small size furniture that uses the modern materials.